Truths and myths about decorating a new build home

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You’ve finally got the keys, now it’s time to grab the paintbrushes – or is it? One of the most exciting parts of buying a new build home is having the opportunity to decorate to your exact tastes, but before you get started, there are some important things to know. We share the truths, and bust some myths about decorating a brand new home that will help you to make the most of your efforts, and create your dream décor.

Truth: You need to wait a few months before painting or wallpapering

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Thousands of litres of water are used in the construction of a new build home, and so for a few months after moving in you will need to allow your property to dry out and settle. It’s very normal for a few small cracks to appear in the walls and timberwork during this period; for this reason, new home builders advise waiting a while (around 6-12 months) before painting or wallpapering, at which time any cracks can be rectified.

This can be understandably frustrating when you’re eager to decorate your new home. But in the meantime, you can help to speed up the drying-out process by opening your windows for a few hours each day to allow fresh air to circulate, and keep your background central heating on as low as possible to reduce condensation forming on windows and exterior walls.

Myth: It will take you a long time to add any character

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Just because you need to wait some time to add paint or wallpaper to your new home, doesn’t mean that you need to wait to add your personality!

The fresh, blank canvas of your new build home presents an amazing opportunity to get creative with your interior design and use furniture and accessories to introduce colour, pattern and texture. The likes of framed art and family photos, special trinkets, statement vases and an array of soft furnishings will all add character and most importantly, can be changed if you decide you want to decorate differently to how you initially planned.

A quick, but vital safety tip: before hanging any frames or mirrors, take the time to locate electrical wires and cables, as well as pipes in your walls to avoid causing any damage to your property or worse, injuring yourself. Bellway has a useful home demonstration video which explains how to find wiring and pipes in your new home.

Truth: It’s best to tackle the big and messy jobs first

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If you plan on starting on any large projects in your new home soon after moving in, such as building in custom furniture, landscaping the garden or upgrading any elements of your kitchen or bathroom, aim to complete these first before you decorate throughout.

You don’t want to decorate only to end up with scuffed walls or damaged wallpaper from tools or materials being carried through your property, or dust sticking to your fresh paintwork. Make sure you protect your brand-new carpets and flooring too with large dust sheets before any contractors arrive.

Myth: Every room needs to have its own individual style

Planning the décor for each room in your home can feel quite daunting, but who says that each space needs to have a completely unique look? Choosing a consistent colour scheme or interior theme throughout your property will tie each room together and create a sense of cohesion and flow in your décor.

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Take inspiration from Bellway homeowners such as @hopinsideourhome, who have used a striking monochrome colour palette throughout their home, with eye-catching patterned cushions, sleek black metal accessories and soft, natural elements such as house plants and pampas stems. Or work with a few well-chosen colours, like @our_rosemont_home who have used a variety of shades of green, blue and pink, both together and separately in each room.

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Alternatively, embrace the eclectic style like @living_at_ourmisbourne, with a vibrant but well-chosen array of colours, textures and materials, including retro bamboo furniture, abstract artwork and bold rugs.

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