Four tips for decorating with family photos

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There is no better home decoration than pictures of the ones you love. However, there’s an art to hanging family photos tastefully, celebrating your nearest and dearest without appearing too live, laugh, love. Below are some considerations when choosing family snaps and tips on stylish ways to show off the people who mean the most.

Pay homage to heritage

Show off your history and heritage in an informal family tree of photographs. Genealogy is a compelling pastime in which to discover old images of relatives: pay homage to your ancestors by including them in a wall of framed family figures.

For an alternative project, work from the middle of your display space with your immediate family – kids in the centre, parents on either side – then add the wider family on the outside. This can represent both sides of the family and give perspective to your household. Working in associated pictures and artwork, perhaps relating to places of origin, can add additional background and variety. Include a mixture of portraits and full-body photos, as well as both posed and candid shots – a uniform row of close-up faces is often unflattering and can feel imposing.

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Celebrate achievement

While you might not want to cover your entrance hall with swimming badges and participation certificates, displaying your children’s wins in photo form can be a source of encouragement. Frame a couple of action shots of them doing what they love, be that sport, playing music, acting, dancing, or any hobby. This doesn’t just apply to the kids either; take joy in your own achievements and display them proudly.

Displaying academic excellence is just as important, and a reminder of the work you’ve put in. Framing results sheets, leaving day shots, or graduation portraits will echo the importance of the journey of education and what it means to complete it. Box frames are worth considering to pair a picture with a certificate or medal, and will provide depth and interest to your walls.

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Choices, choices

When selecting photographs to hang, there is more to think about than the composition being a pleasing depiction of your loved ones. Room by room, consider the purpose of that space and try to replicate that in the subject matter. For example, your living space should encourage relaxation, so images of intimate moments and happy family memories are perfect for that area.

Additionally, colour and tone are often overlooked components. Wall decoration is a key element of your interior style, and matching the hues in your photos to the colour scheme of the room can help to tie your space together. Digital editing tools can be used to tweak your images to match the shades.

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Don’t forget the pets

Our pets are as much – if not more in cases – of a part of the family as our relatives, so don't forget to include them in the family photos and get a few of your favourite snaps framed. They might not realise, much less care, but pet pictures will help to brighten up a collage of images and add variety among the human faces.

For a fun alternative, there are many artists and retailers online who can turn pets into wonderful works of art – such as editing your dog into an 18th century-style portrait!

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