How can our homes help us to live healthier?

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Having a daily routine is something long associated with success, happiness, and health; however, establishing positive habits can prove easier in fact than in practice, especially combined with busy work schedules and the hullabaloo of family life. But can our homes help us to live healthier and more positive lifestyles?

We explore how our homes can contribute to an effective routine, honing a healthy body and mind, removing the stress of daily tasks, and ensuring we stick to our practices.

Sleeping better at home

We’re often reminded of the power a good night’s sleep can wield and, in truth, waking up and going to bed is the most important part of any routine. Previous studies have shown that more than half of people in the U.K. fail to get good-quality sleep, at a cost of tens of billions to the economy every year, showing how essential sleep is for productivity.

So, how can we sleep better? There are practical ways to encourage sleep, with the reduction of screen-time becoming a dominant factor in winding down. The layout of media in our home can help to embed routine – by omitting a bedroom TV or creating a device charging area away from the bed, we can reduce screen-time before lights out.

Creating a calming bedroom is necessary and can be enhanced by soothing scents and sleep-aiding house plants. Giving purpose to any space can help with association, and dedicating an area to reading can create the perfect place to wind down on an evening, or warm up to the day with a coffee.

Another key to optimised rest is mindset; keeping on top of tasks during the day with a physical checklist and in-home reminders can reduce bedtime anxiety, greatly decreasing the time it takes to fall asleep, which in turn should increase our sleep quality. Schedules can also be aided by smart speakers throughout the home, which can be on hand with calendar reminders and pre-programmed alarms to help keep track of the day.

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Home workout space

Exercise is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, and can be a welcome addition to a daily routine. A morning workout aids sleep at night and clears the mind before the working day, or an evening session can help de-stress once the computer goes off.

Creating a home workout space can be an ideal way to fit exercise into a busy schedule, incorporating it into your day without the need to travel to a gym or work in a long PT session.

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Working from home

For those who put in working hours at home, be that full-time or on occasion, creating a home office space which suits all needs can be ideal. Giving a room or area office functionality will attribute purpose to the space, boosting productivity, as well as ensuring that work can be physically left behind after 5 o’clock.

And it’s not just your workspace but your whole home which can help to enhance your working routine: a well-equipped hot drinks station can serve as somewhere separate to clear or gather thoughts; an outdoor seating area or balcony garden can be perfect for short breaks to de-stress; and ensuring your living area is separate to your office space will reinforce the mental switch-off from work.

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Letting the sun in

When properly harnessed in our homes, sunshine can have salubrious effects on our mental and physical well-being. Simple touches such as decorating with mirrors, adapting to less obstructive furnishings, lighter paint shades, and practical room layouts can dramatically increase the volume of natural light entering your home, and allow you to soak in the natural benefits offered by our brightest buddy.

A dose of sunshine is a tonic to our routines too, with the sun acting as a productivity booster due to its help increasing concentration and serotonin levels. On top of that, time spent in natural light during the day makes for better sleep at night, furthering the fight for productive practices.

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