Breathe new life into your home with house plants

Interior Design - House Plants

Bring blooms indoors and see summer spring to life throughout your home. Flowering foliage is a beautiful interior aesthetic – it brings nature inside and can create strong flow if applied throughout a property. But besides beauty, there is logic behind decorating with house plants. This is because of the many physical, mental, and psychological effects associated with having plants inside. Below, we’ve outlined the key benefits of house plants, and how you can utilise them.


Not just a healthy sight, studies show that house plants can play an important role in our physical and mental wellbeing. House plants are proven to reduce stress levels and taking care of plants has established therapeutic properties to help lower anxiety.

Studies in hospitals have noted a perceived connection between the presence of house plants, and pain tolerance and recovery times – this exemplifies the physical effect that indoor plants can have on our health. They can also improve our memory, plus they create a homely, lived-in environment to improve your state of mind.

We recommend: Lavender – with several methods to soothe anxiety and stress, it can also be beneficial to sleep, skincare, and heart health.


Being a stress reliever, house plants can also help tackle work worry and anxiety. Because of this, they can be employed as an excellent decorative piece in a home study, or in an environment most associated with relaxation away from the office.

House plants can also increase focus and concentration, making them ideal to have around the house for efficiency, motivation, and attention span.

We recommend: Basil – it can aid cognitive thinking, alertness, and decision making.


House plants can be placed in the bedroom to help improve your sleep through various means. Plants clean the air around them, taking in carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen, while also scrubbing indoor pollutants – the increase of oxygen in the air at night can dramatically help improve our quality of sleep, organically increasing productivity.

Additionally, house plants increase humidity, soothing sinuses for a smoother sleep.

We recommend: A snake plant – it cleans the air of toxic substances and produces high levels of humidity and oxygen, specifically reducing Co2 levels at night.


Now we’re aware of the wise and wonderful workings of house plants and how important they are in the home, here are some tips on how to blend them into your interior aesthetic.

Be consistent: placing a plant in each room will create flow throughout the home, reiterating natural visuals.

Be aware of light: most plants require sunlight to survive, and look their most beautiful when catching some rays. Because of this, it’s important to be mindful of where natural light falls in the room when arranging house plants.

Carry out research: different house plants are better at some things than others, and can help dictate which room they are most suited in. Fragrant plants – such as rosemary – and air-purifying plants – such as the snake plant – are ideal for bedrooms. Alternatively, plants that release high levels of oxygen – such as a ponytail palm plant – are ideal for a home office as they help maintain focus.

We recommend: Orchids – they create a beautiful blast of style, with colours to match any aesthetic.

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