Top five gardening tips this summer

Top five gardening tips this summer

It's time to stop compromising on your dream garden and strive to create the outdoor oasis you've always desired. Many of us think having a well-maintained, gorgeous outside is unattainable, but these top tips can make it easier than you've ever imagined. With the help of Clare, a gardening enthusiast, we will break down five simple steps to get those gears grinding.

Think big-picture

It's important to think of the bigger picture early so you can plan the smaller steps needed to achieve that knockout end product. Choosing the theme and feel is an essential decision to make early. Do you want a modern statement garden, a more traditional cottage one, or even a funky jungle vibe?

If you don't have an idea of your end goal, you have no foundation to structure your gardening on and you’ll end up doing twice as much work with less satisfying results. Planning is key!

Clare, Gardener
Think big

Shop around if you can

While the larger garden centres are havens for those of a green-fingered nature, local farmers’ markets and independent gardening shops often have excellent and unique choices.

It is important to find the balance between shopping locally and relying on the big brands. Doing both will help ensure your garden remains distinctive and professional.

Clare, Gardener
Where to buy flowers from

Keep a tidy lawn

A lawn can make or break a garden, particularly if it covers a proportionately large space. It is important to keep it neat and tidy to allow focus to be drawn elsewhere.

While the recent trend for adding artificial turf is a great labour-saving device, nothing quite replaces the smell of a freshly mown lawn.

Clare, Gardener

Plan out your flower beds

Flower beds play a leading role in piecing the garden together. Colour schemes can be reflected here and are an important consideration when employing the theme of your garden.

Having a foundation of shrubs and small trees in a flower bed cuts down on a lot of work. These structural plants can be filled in with colourful annuals in pots and tubs.

Clare, Gardener
Tips for flower beds

Become a propagating pro

There are few things in gardening more satisfying than witnessing the journey of a plant from seedling to centrepiece. Not only is this long-term strategy highly rewarding, but it is also cost-effective. Why not try propagating mature plants to spread certain colours around the garden and create flow.

You don't have to have a large greenhouse; a warm windowsill in the house or even a sheltered area in the garden will allow you to do this. Propagating is a great way to increase your plant stock and share or swap plants with friends.

Clare, Gardener
Growing your own seeds crop

Bonus tip: Enjoy your space

You've worked hard to achieve the outdoor space you desired, and it can be easy to continue to strive for perfection. However, the most important part of the work you put in is the enjoyment you can get from your garden whatever stage you're at.

My favourite place to be is pottering in the garden on a warm summer's day, enjoying the space I've created around me.

Clare, Gardener

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