Five more gardening tips to get you growing this summer

Garden hero

Our gardens are an important extension of any home, transforming into an additional room when the weather turns better. So whether your outdoor space is a muddy blank canvas, or simply needs some TLC, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to get your garden ready to enjoy this summer.

Gardening enthusiast, Clare, previously gave us some great gardening tips, so we thought we’d get back in touch and see what new ideas she had for our outdoor space.

Grow for your kitchen

With a resurging appreciation for organic produce, growing for your kitchen can be as simple as maintaining some windowsill ingredients such as coriander and mint, or exploring more serious self-sufficient growing like fruit and root vegetables.

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to eat a dinner that has been made from ingredients you have grown yourself, and this can be easily achieved with a few raised beds.

Clare, Gardener
Garden growing

Think beyond plants

While plants should remain the focal point of your garden, remember to think about smaller touches, such as ornaments and lighting, to help tie the space together and offer originality and charm.

Solar lighting adds a magical touch to evening garden parties and takes very little maintenance after the initial set up.

Clare, Gardener
Garden lights

Be mindful of bees

Given that they are our busiest helpers in the gardening department, it is only right that we should consider bees when choosing which plants to include in our garden. Sunflowers, spring blossom, and heathers are all bee-friendly plants that are easy to grow.

Look out for the bee-friendly signs and logos on plants in garden centres. Colourful plants are usually a great start and extending this by getting bee and bug houses will help welcome useful insects into your garden. If we help them, they’ll help us!

Clare, Gardener
Garden bees

Garden sustainably

Sustainable gardening is beyond just a recent trend; it’s an important aspect of modern gardening which must be considered. For our gardens to be environmentally conscious, they should attempt to include the key sentiments of sustainability in future gardening.

If you’ve got room, having a water butt and a compost bin are great ways to support green gardening, helping to reduce waste and garden more sustainably.

Clare, Gardener
Garden sustainable

Make space for entertainment

Think of your garden as another room in your home, which works well as an additional social space in summer. Having different seating set-ups around the garden allows for flexibility during the day depending on whether you’re chasing sun or shade, and separating your garden into zones can help to attribute functionality and purpose to different areas of your outdoors.

Sharing your garden with friends and family is the perfect way to spend a summer’s evening. Garden zoning is possible in even the smallest of gardens and can add interest to your entertainment experience.

Clare, Gardener
Garden zoning

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