Quick tips to clean your house in just 30 minutes

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A text pops up on your phone: “We’ll be at yours in half an hour”. Panic follows once you realise that the cleaning you meant to do days ago never actually got done. A horrifying thought, no? We’re here to tell you that cleaning your house in 30 minutes can be done with our tips for when your home needs a quicker-than-quick clean and tidy.

The hero product: multi-purpose cleaner

Trying to use multiple cleaning products will slow you down, so opt for a multi-purpose, heavy-duty cleaning spray that has a nice scent to clean your home fast. For bathrooms, choosing a cleaning foam that just needs rinsing off will make things faster and easier, too. For mirrors and windows, use washing-up liquid for a swift and easy-to-use cleaning solution. Simply dilute with water, buff into the surface and wipe away with a wet cloth.

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Step 1: Tidy the hallway

As the first thing your guests see when they walk into your home, your hallway needs to be clean and tidy. Put away any shoes that have been left out, and hang up any coats that have been strewn over the stair bannister. Place any loose mail in a drawer to look at later, and give the floor a quick mop or vacuum. Another cleaning tip is to light a candle to make the space feel more inviting and to add a welcoming scent.

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Step 2: Blitz the bathroom

Throw away any empty bottles or toilet roll tubes, and put away any used items, making sure that any personal care products are neatly stacked away in a shower caddy. Then, spray the cleaning foam around the shower enclosure. If you have a bath with an overhead shower, simply give the tub a swift wipe down with a cleaning spray.

Next, give your toothbrush holder a clean and place your toothbrush and toothpaste back in. Replace used towels with clean ones, wipe down the sink, any shelving, and then attend to the toilet last with anti-bacterial cleaner to avoid transferring bacteria. To clean the mirror and the outside of the shower enclosure, a quick home cleaning tip is to buff out washing-up liquid and water with a soft cloth. Finally, sweep and mop the floor, opening any windows to let the fresh air in.

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Step 3: Conquer the kitchen

Collect the dirty dishes around your home and pop them into the dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher, quickly wash and dry the dishes that are easiest to clean and leave the rest to soak in soapy water – you can come back to them at the end.

Then, wipe down all the surfaces with a refreshing cleaning spray and sweep the floors. Empty any full bins and neatly put leftover condiments and countertop food away. Take down any clean laundry from the racks and radiators and finally, sweep or vacuum the floors and open the windows to get rid of any lingering cooking odours.

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Step 4: Fix the living room

Plump up your sofa cushions and neatly fold or put away any throws or blankets. Then, clear any surfaces of clutter and wipe them down, making sure to dispose of any wilting flowers.

Neatly place any loose objects in a basket and stash it away to sort out after your visitors have left – or if you have enough time, sort through it, disposing of any unwanted items. Finally, vacuum around the room, leaving time to go over any rugs and under sofas.

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Step 5: Beat the guest bedroom (plus shower cleaner!)

Prepping a guest bedroom is key when expecting visitors – after all, you want your guests to be comfortable! The first thing to do, if not already done, is prep the bed – fitting clean, unwrinkled sheets can help make a room look more put-together. Next, place any clothes or items off the floor onto the bed so that you can clearly see what needs attending to. Close any open drawers, clean the tops of the bedside tables and chest of drawers, and straighten any rugs on the floor. Place any items on the bed back in their designated place, and dispose of the rest if needed. If you have some available, spritz linen spray onto the bedding so that the room has a fresh scent.

Finally, head back into the bathroom and rinse away the foam shower cleaner. And don’t forget to pop the kettle on for your visitors!

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