Host with the most: tips and inspiration for guest bedrooms

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Picture the scene: You’re on duty; the in-laws are landing, and all must run smoothly. For you are the host(ess) with the most(ess). The utmost host, who almost forgot to buy ingredients for Sunday’s roast. The uppermost of hosts, who only has brown bread for tomorrow morning’s toast. The host close to collapse come Monday morning following a weekend of diplomatic riposte, passed pillar to post, to boast you have remained not a ghost, but alas! alive and kicking: the host(ess) with the most(ess).

Hosting guests shouldn’t be a stress, yet many of us dread the judgement of visitors in our homes, forgetting to enjoy ourselves when the invitees are present. While the company itself can be a factor here, nothing will help your stress subside like the knowledge that upstairs has an immaculate guest bedroom safe from critique or conviction. Here are some tips and inspirations to keep your guest rooms fresh and free from fractious lodgers.



Your guests’ mood will often depend on how comfortable they feel in your home – if your weather chat, garden tour, and homemade shepherd’s pie don’t cut the mustard, then the haven of your heavenly guest room is the saviour.

You must nail the essentials. Nothing will unease your guests like having to ask you for fresh bedding or towels. Provide spares depending on the length of the stay and make sure there are toiletries and soap available in the bathroom. More than anything, make sure the room is clean and tidy.

Another consideration is to dial down the decorating in a guest room. You will obviously want the room to represent your own style and match the design of your home, however, too much specific decoration will enforce unfamiliarity on your guests. Toned-down features will help your guests feel comfortable, as will seasonal throws or cushions.



Not all things should be shared between family and friends, so ensuring that your guests are privy to their privacy is an essential aspect of their comfort and enjoyment in your home. As well as matching your décor, ensure the curtains do an adequate job of providing cover, or add blinds and shutters as another option. A door lock can also provide peace of mind and is cheap and easy to install.

Independence is paramount to your invitees’ privacy and relaxation – the worry of waking you up trying to find something at night in an unfamiliar house may affect their stay, so try to cover all bases and ensure your guests can enjoy their privacy. Providing simple additions such as extra bedding and pillows, bottled water, some easy packaged food, and the Wi-Fi code will make those staying feel more at home and ease anxieties about bothering you.

The extra mile

Extra mile

While you need not go as far as placing pillow chocolates, adding a touch of the hotel experience will go a long way to making your guests feel at home. Fresh flowers and house plants will create a homely feel, plus have properties that are proven to help reduce stress and aid sleep.

Preparing a guest room basket can be a nice touch and can save guests’ blushes if they have forgotten any key items. Pack this with toiletries, sanitary products, phone charging cables, a short book, a hair dryer, and an eye mask. If they’re gone by the end of their stay then you know they’ve come in handy; if they’re still there, keep them for your next guest!

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