Three reasons to consider a three-storey home

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There are so many fantastic, and even surprising benefits to a three-storey home, you may wonder why you didn’t consider one before! If your current home isn’t meeting your needs and it’s time to move on, here are three great reasons to consider life over three levels.

Flexibility and freedom built in

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We don’t all live the same way, so why should our homes be the same? The layouts of three-storey homes offer you flexibility, and a multitude of ways to use your home in the way that suits your lifestyle and family best.

Many designs of new build three-storey homes incorporate a dedicated study. So if you’ve always dreamed of your own private office for peaceful home working, or even a craft room or home gym, you could finally have the additional space you need for a more harmonious home and better work-life balance.

Additionally, in three-storey house styles one of the floors will typically comprise of one, two or three bedrooms, and some homes even boast a second living room. So if your growing children are also growing in their volume levels, it could be time to give them some extra space to hang out in with their friends, and be as noisy (or messy) as they like.

Privacy where you need it most

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Many contemporary three-storey house styles have an entire floor devoted to the master suite, offering you peace and privacy away from the rest of the home. Incorporating your en-suite bathroom and sometimes even a dressing area, your bedroom becomes a sanctuary, a welcome feature in households with older children or teenagers who are ready for more independence of their own too.

Speaking of which, in a townhouse or three-storey home, you’ll often find that there is a cloakroom, bathroom or shower room on every level, so your family members will no longer be battling for their turn in the toilet on a morning. This also allows you to give your children, or house guests their ‘own’ bathroom, meaning you can keep your en suite clean, clutter-free, and have all of your valuable beauty products, perfumes and candles on display - without worrying that they might end up in the wrong hands!

More space, made more affordable

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A surprising, and often-overlooked benefit of three-storey homes is that they’re often very affordable. A reason for this is that they’re a larger home, built on the same footprint as a typical two or three-bedroom property.

Therefore you may have more internal floor space, without necessarily paying a higher price for a similar amount of space, or equivalent number of bedrooms over two levels - not to mention that new build homes are also more energy efficient than an older home which can also help to save you money over the long term. That’s a massive advantage for many families who are looking to make the most of their budget when next moving home.

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