Top five unique uses of summer houses

Top five uses of summer houses

The sun’s shining, the sky’s blue, the smell of cooking and sound of laughter fills the outdoors. This is the perfect day to invite your family and friends to your new summer house. Picture a unique spot in your garden which can be adapted entirely to your own needs and desires, plus one that can be a far more cost-effective solution to finding that extra space you need when compared to an extension or a conservatory. Below, we will outline some of the best uses of summer houses and offer some inspiration and tips to keep in mind for your own backyard utopias.

Social hub

Summer house social hub

There is no better location for a family or neighbourhood gathering than in a summer house honed for hosting. The summer house excels as a social space – especially in warm weather. Additionally, with a summer house, there is the unique opportunity to carry on the party once the sun begins to drop, offering a warmer spot for those who desire it without exclusion from the fun.

Converting your outdoor space to accommodate this could be the perfect excuse to get people around this summer – it can be as simple as putting in a table and chairs and letting the rest take shape over time.

Office space

Summer house office space

Imagine the work you could get done within the safe and serene surroundings of nature. Nothing helps bring a spreadsheet to life like the harmonious humming of the birds – with the rousing rustle of tree leaves in the breeze, your reports will read like Wordsworth. Alright, maybe that’s looking at it a touch optimistically. However, there are many genuine benefits to this choice of office destination.

The natural effects can be extremely useful – there is the likelihood that the room will receive a good amount of natural light, and this can be utilised to help you work. The sunlight offers vitamin D and serotonin, having a substantial effect on concentration, state of mind, and physical well-being. Opening a door or window will also employ the effects of the garden, making the most of oxygenation from the plants, heightening focus, attention span, and efficiency, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Kids' club

Summer house kids club

It's not that we want the kids out of the home. However, using a summer house as a hidden hideaway can be extremely effective, either as an extension of garden play for younger ones, or as an independent retreat for moody teenagers. The space can be well-adapted to present extra storage for larger toys, helping to keep bedrooms tidy and parents happy.

A ping-pong table or similar activity can be used as the focal point of the space, while a couple of comfy beanbags can offer a spot to crash and recharge or read a book in peace. Why not let the kids dictate the rest of the decorating with a selection of posters and their own drawings?

Gardener's rest

Summer house gardeners rest

You've been toiling in the boiling afternoon sun, it’s time to retire to the summer house with a brew and soak up the fruits of your labour. What better spot to appreciate all that hard work than from your comforting hide? Consider ergonomic seating to help rehabilitate you after your efforts, and place a basket with a novel, blanket, puzzle book, and pen within reach to really assist recovery.

As well as a book nook and café, the summer house can be of great storage use to gardeners, helping to keep tools safe, dry, and out of the way. The indoor space can also be a perfect space for unique gardening endeavours, such as growing seedlings, or dealing with potted plants being prepped for the beds.

Music room

Summer house music room

What could be better than your own uniquely adapted creative space to play, perform, and compose music? A summer house could be an ideal location for a home studio, a jam space, or a practice room. Often, the most important consideration for a music room is the noise – namely, who else will be affected by the delicate plinks of a piano, or the distorted fuzz of a six-string. With an outdoor music room, you can express your musical prowess more freely.

A summer house can also offer excellent acoustics for singing, plus a perfect storage solution for the extended gear that often accumulates with a musical hobby. Rock on!

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