How real Bellway homeowners are making their homes even more luxurious

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From the untouched kitchen and bathrooms to the immaculate, fresh paint on every wall, new build homes already feel luxurious from the moment you step in for the first time. However, our Bellway homeowner community members are always wowing us with creative ways to elevate their home interiors and make their blank canvases into sophisticated sanctuaries.

We’ve explored some of our favourite Bellway homes on Instagram to find inspiration on making your home feel even more elegant, whether you’re moving into a brand-new property, or refreshing the one you already love.

Sticking to one consistent colour palette throughout

S 230301 the oakwood6 N6

The process of decorating a new build home can feel both exciting and overwhelming – every room is a blank canvas, ready to be transformed with your personal touches. But you don’t need to use an entirely unique colour scheme or look for each room. Choosing one colour palette for your entire home can simplify the process whilst creating a cohesive living space that flows seamlessly from room to room.

Bellway homeowner Georgia of @the_oakwood6 has used shades of green throughout her interior, with monochrome accents and patterns to add texture. Large houseplants introduce yet more colour and are particularly striking against the crisp white walls.

Displaying dry foods in stylish jars or containers

SO 230530 bellway carrisbrooke N3

The little details can make all the difference in creating a luxurious-feeling home. Tiny touches such as spice jars with printed labels, as seen in @bellway_carrisbrooke, are both practical and elegant, and make your containers worthy of being displayed rather than hidden away in a cupboard – which is useful if you’re trying to make the most of your space in a small kitchen.

Decanting pasta, rice and other dry goods into stylish jars and arranging them on a shelf, with other trinkets and even a framed print or two, adds a curated feel to your kitchen area.

Creating centrepieces with serving trays

SO 230222 lifeinsidethesawyer N18

If you’re a fan of candles and other knick-knacks like @lifeinsidethesawyer, use serving trays to create centrepieces for your dining table, coffee table or breakfast bar. This keeps all your smaller items contained and looking artfully arranged, rather than scattered across a surface.

For maximum impact, choose a variety of pieces for your displays with different heights, textures and colours – this is the key to the perfect #shelfie too.

Bringing in light and depth with statement mirrors

SO 230511 N29

A carefully-placed mirror can do wonders for any room, enticing light into dark corners and adding a sense of depth to smaller spaces. Whether placed on the floor or hung on the wall, a large mirror feels particularly grand, especially if you choose an ornate, baroque design like Abbi and Jack of @living_at_ourmisbourne.

Placing a mirror on the wall opposite a window will reflect natural light around the room, however for fire safety reasons, take care not to place mirrors or other reflective objects in direct sunlight.

Styling up corners with creativity and intention

SO 230511 littlehousearoundthecorner N5

Think beyond the four walls of your room and make an empty nook into an inviting area of its own. @littlehousearoundthecorner have styled a corner of their Bellway home with a comfortable chair and footstool, a statement lamp and a lush plant, plus an eclectic array of wall art in sleek black frames to add cohesion.

Your own cosy corner could be used for relaxation, a bar area, a mini home office, or a cushion-filled book nook for younger family members. It’s all about seeing the potential in the under-used pockets of your home.

Adding luxurious, tactile textures

SO 230301 our bellwaycherry N2

In a neutral or monochromatic colour scheme, a variety of textures within accessories and soft furnishings will add depth and interest. In the bedroom of @our_bellwaycherry, a sumptuous throw, bouclé cushions and a waffle bedspread bring sophisticated, tactile elements to the décor, with the wow factor in the form of the gold waterfall light shade.

Mixed textures are most impactful when you use juxtaposition – for example, embroidered, faux fur or tufted cushions scattered on a leather sofa, or natural materials such as seagrass mixed in with metallic or mirrored accents. Thinking bigger, textured wallpaper, deep-pile rugs, rough-finish tiles and floor-length crushed velvet curtains can all change the look and feel of a room, depending on the vibe that you want to create.

Using tiles for colourful accents

SO 230223 our rosemont home N16

Adding some tile accents to your bathroom, en suite or cloakroom injects an understated dash of colour into the décor without changing the overall colour scheme.

In their cloakroom, @our_rosemont_home have used these eye-catching turquoise tiles on the floor, and used remaining tiles to create an abstract feature backsplash around the sink – an artful interior design trick for making a big impact, in the smallest room in the house.

Making practical features aesthetically pleasing

SO 230306 bellwayoakmont plot211

A luxurious-feeling home doesn’t necessarily need to be filled with rich colours and a vast array of textures. It can simply be polished, with thoughtful finishing touches that contribute to an overall sense of sophistication.

An example of this is making necessary features in your home more visually appealing, such as adding a console table over a radiator - as seen in @bellwayoakmont_plot211 - or hiding them altogether, like mounting a rustic cover over a fuse box.

Incorporating art inside and out

SO 230223 homebyclo N7

Thinking of your outdoor area as another room in your home really opens up its potential, whether you have a sprawling garden or a compact balcony.

Chloe of @homebyclo has extended her indoor living space to the outside of her Bellway London apartment, by adding lanterns, a garden mirror and a large framed art print for a vibrant burst of colour. The result is a beautiful and relaxing balcony that’s the perfect private setting for a morning coffee, or evening drinks.

For more tips and inspiration for your home interior, take a look at our articles on the truths and myths about decorating a new build home and ways that you can improve your home in just 60 minutes.

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