What to do after relocating

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Moving home is a big step, but packing up your life and relocating to a brand new place can make the process a little more daunting. Whether you’re moving away from family and friends, or to an area where you’ll know a few people, knowing a few tips on settling into your new location can help to give you the best start.

Introduce yourself to people

Whether you have new housemates or neighbours, it’s a great idea to introduce yourself to them. This doesn’t have to be a long chat – a quick knock on the door to introduce yourself and catch their name is fine! Or, invite them around for a hot drink to get to know them a little better. Alternatively, leave a small gift at their door or in a communal area for them with a little note introducing yourself. Special holidays are a great opportunity to organise a get-together, whether that be a street celebration or a garden party.

Taking yourself out for a coffee is another way to meet new people – it gives you the opportunity to talk to the servers and other customers about things to do in the local area.


Find local community and hobby groups

One of the best ways to meet new people is to put yourself out there! Join social media pages for your local area to see what’s going on in your neighbourhood, and sign up for hobby groups to find like-minded people. If you can’t find any existing groups, remember that you can always make one and advertise it around your new location! If you don’t have any hobbies in mind, start a community project, such as a garden, where locals can come together and create something.

Another way to meet new people is to volunteer, especially if it is something you are passionate about! Whether you volunteer at an animal shelter, a community group, or a care home, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people.

If you have a pet, why not find pet meet-ups nearby or join training classes? You’ll have something in common with everyone from the start – your animals! Invite the owner for a walk around a park, or organise a play date for your animals.

Hobby group

Make exploring the area a fun day out

It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed in a new place; not knowing your way around can easily make you feel isolated. One way to feel better about this is to pick a day where the weather is nice, put on your favourite songs, and explore! Make sure you have your phone and a map with you in case you get lost. Whether you already have an idea of what you want to see, or you have no idea what’s in the area, this is a great way to introduce yourself to your new town or city without getting overwhelmed. Just be sure to research any areas to avoid before you head out.


Sign up to services

Make sure that you have researched and signed up to the local doctor’s surgery, dentist, and any other healthcare providers in your new area before moving. This will help you have peace of mind in case an emergency arises after settling in.


Don’t put pressure on yourself

It can be easy to think that you’re doing things too slowly – maybe you haven’t met many new people, or perhaps you haven’t quite found your way around the new area. It is so important to be gentle with yourself during this time. Don’t compare yourself to others, and keep reminding yourself that there is no set timeline for these milestones.


However you are feeling about your move, it’s important to acknowledge the huge step you have taken, and remind yourself of all the good times to come in your new home.

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