Decorating your front door this Christmas

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The unspoken competition among neighbours to have the best frontal display is an annual tradition, but not everyone has the same time or resources. If you are having trouble deciding how to decorate the front of your home this Christmas, pay close attention to your front door – it’s the entrance to your home and sets the tone for the rest of your home's ambience.

Less really is more, so you might only choose to decorate the front door this year. After all, the most stylish house on the street is not always the one with the most decorations.

Greet your guests in style with these eye-catching ideas for front door decorations. There is something for every style and they are all easy to put together, meaning you can spend less time decorating and more time with family.

Add a wreath

Perhaps the most obvious and most traditional front door decoration, a Christmas wreath is the clearest sign that the festive season has arrived.

Although you can purchase wreaths already made, making your own is a fun festive activity. It will give life to your front door and is a great project for both adults and kids. You can either create your own wreath using florist wire and plants from your garden, or purchase a wreath-making kit from a nearby garden centre.


Light up your doorstep

When it comes to Christmas decorations for your home, lighting is a crucial element. However, lights don't necessarily need to hang high from your roof or cover the entire house to make a big impression. Simply hanging LED icicle lights from your doorframe will still feel very festive while requiring much less work.

As an alternative, use seasonal LED ornaments to create a festive scene on your doorstep. These ornaments, which range from free-standing reindeers to pop-up snowmen, are available in many stores during the holiday season. These will be sure to grab the attention of your guests and can be used for many years to come.

Reindeer light

Consider a mini Christmas tree

For many households, decorating the Christmas tree is a wholesome activity, so why not get a miniature tree for your front door and be able to decorate two?

You could even go one step further and get two mini trees – one for each side of the door. However, one is enough to give your doorstep an instant Christmas makeover. You can add lights to decorate them, but make sure they are suitable for outdoor use. For the ideal size next to your front door, we advise that you look for a tree that is three to four feet tall.

Doorstep christmas decor

Create a seasonal planter

When it comes to bringing holiday cheer to your doorstep, planter displays are simple yet timeless. To be environmentally friendly this Christmas, reuse your summer planters! Simply fill them with small poinsettias, evergreens, sticks, and other seasonal pieces to transform them from a summer-to-winter design.

The hellebore, also known as the Christmas Rose, blooms from early January through February. It is the ideal plant to include in your planter to brighten up the front of your home during the gloomier winter months.

Snowy house exterior

Jazz up your welcome mat

A holiday-themed welcome mat is an easy way to decorate for Christmas this year. It only takes two seconds to switch out your everyday mat for a festive one, but it can make a world of difference.

Consider being a little humorous and select a message that will make your visitors smile as they walk in to celebrate the season. You can place your mat either internally or externally, but we suggest the latter to give your postman some festive cheer.

Dog christmas entrance

Wrap the door

As we all know, there is already enough to wrap up for Christmas. However, wrapping your front door with a large bow is a great way of sprucing up your front door. Although it might require more patience, the result is well worth the effort.

You can use any ribbon colour you like, but red is the most elegant for a Christmas look. Of course, make sure to pick a hue that goes well with the colour of your front door. Adding a few tiny bells or springs of evergreen will complete the design wonderfully.

Door bow

Try out stockings

This is a unique way to decorate your door while using a completely conventional festive element, so it will be sure to attract attention. Whether you choose to fill them with sprigs of evergreen or leave them empty, just be sure Santa knows where to put the stocking fillers this year - he might get confused.


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