Trend to execution – Hanwood Park biophilic design


Biophilic design is used to bring the outdoors in, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. It is used in architectural design to embed new buildings with their surroundings and can be just as impactful in interior design.

The presence of plants and natural materials characterises biophilic design. Any plastic furniture tends to be made reclaimed or recycled materials. Natural influences are also manifested through colour choices and the use of more fluid shapes throughout the design

Show Business Interiors designed a 4-bedroom showhome for Bellway with biophilic influences running through. Amie Reeves from the firm explains how this came together, from a trend to realisation in the home.

This property was designed with a more mature family in mind, incorporating a mix of materials, furniture finishes, metal and some contemporary florals.

Amie Reeves, Show Business Interiors
Rothwell hallway

“We used a border colour here, along the bottom half of the wall, to draw the eye along the hallway. The strong dark blue contrasts with the white and the gold metallics used in the light fitting and hanging mirror. Dado panelling has been used to separate the two colours and to give some dimension to the walls."

Rothwell wc

“Biophilic influences become apparent once you open the door to the downstairs bathroom, which has a strong floral wallpaper to add texture and enhance the eclectic feel. We have used multiple shades of green, with plants placed as decorative pieces.”

“The green theme continues through the house with the lounge featuring dark green sofas and plants, accented by the gold metallic featuring again on the outline of the side table and lamps. Biophilic design can incorporate a range of colours but green is a favoured base. The colour has been a trend for some time but the shades have expanded. The rich, dark greens convey opulence, which we felt would fit well with this brief."

Rothwell louge
Rothwell sofa

“We wanted to make the most of the space, which is why we have multiple seating areas in this room. The aim when designing your home – and to be as multifunctional as possible – is to use the space in a clever way. We placed a stool next to the coffee table, which could serve as a footrest, or as a seat if extra guests come to visit."

"We featured diverse finishings and accessories in this room, with statement ornamental light fittings, decorative tables and a gold-lined trolley in the corner.”

You can achieve this look in your home whatever your budget. In fact, secondhand and vintage finds can enhance the overall look and minimise your home’s impact on the environment.

Rothwell kitchen
Rothwell dining area

The kitchen family area is L-shaped and is a multifunctional space for all the family to enjoy. We wanted to have a smaller overhanging breakfast bar, with a dining table behind, and an adjoining home working space included around the corner.

This creates the illusion of expansion by zoning spaces and functions in the room. The addition of the mirror lengthens the space even further.

Amie Reeves, Show Business Interiors
Rothwell dining table

“We have created decorative storage on the walls in this room, with a ladder shelf placed on the wall behind the desk, featuring prints and records."

“The striking paintwork on the back wall of the kitchen gives the room more depth and shaping, as well as the patterned curtains we see running down the window to the patio."

“The plants around the room embody the biophilic theme, bringing freshness to the design and to the air."

Bedroom rothwell

“Upstairs there are four bedrooms. The master features dark colours and muted decoration. We chose a black and white patterned wallpaper to contrast against the white bedding, light-coloured blinds and bright cushions. We placed a small dressing table under the window to make use of the daylight that floods into this room. The colours have changed but the leaf patterns bring consistency."

Rothwell bathroom

“Bedroom two contrasts with a fresher palette. We’ve used a dark blue-green wall here and placed a dark green headboard against it.

Contrasting dark tones ooze richness.

The hanging plants bring yet more greenery and natural materials into the home."

Rothwell bedroom

“Rooms 3 and 4 both have fitted wardrobes to maximise space and still have a good usable area once the furniture is in place."

Rotherwell childs bedroom

“The yellows and greens continue to take the lead in the palette.

Here, for practical reasons, we turn to artificial plants which take over a corner of the room and the leaf-designed board behind the bed has been handmade to fit.

This duality of colour is a theme that runs through the house even in the bathrooms. In the family bathroom there are tiled walls, next to the sage green painted corner wall."

Show Business Interiors has created a showhome from a few words in a brief and designed a home we’d love to live in. Creating this yourself is easier than you may think.

When adopting a bold theme, think about which elements you most like, how faithfully you plan to implement the theme and what accents matter most to you.

This is a creative process and should be an expression of how your family lives. Be confident in your choices and most of all, make it fun!

Amie Reeves, Show Business Interiors

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